Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Oven day and giving thanks

As we count down to Thanksgiving, each day this week has special significance. Yesterday was the day the granite was fixed (patching the piece on the left side of the cooktop and rounding the corners by the refrigerator). Tuesday (today!!) is the electrician (installing the lighting, installing the ovens and vent hood). Wednesday is the plumber (tapping off the gas line, hooking up the cooktop, refrigerator and dishwasher, putting in the faucet, drains, garbage disposer and soaps). Thursday is pie day (Thanksgiving for the rest of the world). I can hardly contain my excitement.

As I pondered on my last entry (poor me! granite problems!) I was sheepishly embarrassed. After all, every day tens of thousands of people are losing their homes. Thank God I still have mine. My loved ones and I are healthy, I have a stable job, food on the table and gas in the car. I have no worries. Whether or not the granite is 100% perfect is insignificant. I am fortunate enough to have a warm, safe home and I will be eternally grateful for that.

This Thanksgiving, I think it's important for us all (especially pie obsessed me) to refocus on the significance of the celebration the pilgrims held hundreds of years ago. Food is a common bond, a reason for gathering, a way to show love and of nurturing our relationships. As we gather (hopefully with loved ones) on Thursday, let's pause to consider what the pilgrims were celebrating, and how close we came to losing the freedoms they sought when they immigrated to our shores. The American fabric is strong and resilient, but it requires repair. Let's work together to recall what we stand for as a nation, and strive to rebuild a nation we can all be proud of.

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Anne said...

Your kitchen is looking wonderful and I love the design! Thanks for your thoughts about gratitude. I hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving!