Saturday, November 8, 2008

Big changes in store: a tale of three doors

There isn't much visible progress to report this week. Alan the contractor painted the kitchen and part of the family room (and the color is exactly what we wanted). He worked on the stucco around the electrical box and new kitchen window, and he hung the door on the laundry closet. The photo shows the biggest change from my perspective: the pantry door ajar and the closed laundry closet door. This may sound like a yawner, but it's huge for me. Alan had previously adjusted the back door so we no longer have to kick it to open or close it. Then he fixed the pantry door so it no longer swings open when left ajar. He modified the laundry closet so that the door would close; it was actually too small for the washer and dryer and the door didn't close before. Looking at this photo, I remembered something I read in one of life coach  Talane Miedaner's books. She suggests that we make lists of the little things that drive us crazy, set aside a day to work on all of them without interruption, and complete most during that day (thus reducing our stress levels.)  I can totally see the wisdom of this approach now that I don't have doors that aren't hung properly.  Thanks, Alan!

The coming week will be exciting! The cabinet installation starts Tuesday, and the granite templator comes Weds. afternoon (a little awkward since I go back to work on Weds., and then I need to take the afternoon off!) We're hoping to get the granite installed the following week, and the appliances are scheduled for Tues., Nov. 25th. At some point, the lighting will be installed, the TV unpacked and hooked up and the back window replaced with one that's significantly larger. The tile won't happen until the week after Thanksgiving. For this weekend, I plan to indulge in my new hobby (dusting), buy a new microwave and shelf paper. Once the cabinets are in, maybe I can start putting stuff away (even though Alan warns not to do that before the granite is in). This project has gone almost too smoothly! Or maybe I just have a very short memory. 

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AmyRuth said...

Thank you so much, Leslie, for stopping by...I remember reading about your "New Stunning Kitchen" early in the process. I have just revisited your progression of posts. How excited are you? I mean ...can you sleep, just thinking about shiny new appliances? The sound of a oven time, the smell of freshly baked family favorites? OMG sorry. Back to reality. I think you have done a fabulous job of running this project. So glad you have functional doors, and are checking off those annoying details that grated on the nerves. That's an awesome suggestion. Can't wait to read more from your project and keep posting, love the photos and give old Allen a "Great Job!"