Thursday, November 13, 2008

Big day for the little kitchen

The cabinet installation has begun and I came home from work early Wednesday for the granite template. The process of templating for granite (or other stone countertops) is fascinating. After verifying the counters are level, they start with a bundle of long, thin strips of wood, a staple gun and an exacto knife. He laid a strip of wood on top of the plywood (which isn't supposed to be there, but that's a different story) and stapled it down, repeating until he had created an outline of the surface areas. It really didn't take that long, maybe a half hour, but there were a lot of questions I had to answer about what I wanted (eased corners, rounded corners, how far out should the reveal extend on the breakfast counter?) He pulled the templates off of the plywood, taped them together and had me sign the work order. When I asked about how long it would take to fabricate them, he shocked Alan and me by saying 5-7 days, and said we should have the cooktop on site before we have them installed.

WHAT?!? The appliances aren't being delivered until the 25th, the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. Alan called the appliance store. They confirmed they could get the ovens and dishwasher, but couldn't confirm the cooktop and hood.

The Thanksgiving pies hung in the balance....

They called back to say they thought all of the appliances would be in by next Tuesday, a full week early! Alan will work on getting the electrician out to hook everything up (appliances with no juice would be cruel!) We're far from being done (hardwood floor patching/refinishing will have to happen, though it's not clear how much or when it will happen) but this moves up our schedule by a week, God willing. Yippee!

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Fit Chick said...

Luck you, a new kitchen! Hope it all comes together for Thanksgiving; sounds like everything is ahead of schedule. Love your cat!