Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I *heart* paint

I'm taking a week off from work for the vacation that is sweeping America -- the "staycation." I plan to catch up on stuff that needs doing at home.

I came home after breakfast with a friend and a delightful trip to Costco (what a great place this is on a weekday!) When I came in, Alan the contractor said "Now don't complain this place smells like paint." To the contrary, the smell of paint is the smell of progress. It's actually primer, but it's another step in the right direction.

The cabinets were delivered Friday. Rain was in the forecast, but it held off and the cabinets are safe and dry in the garage.

The cabinet install is scheduled to start Nov. 10th or 11th. The granite templator will come on Nov. 12. The appliances will be delivered the 25th (three weeks from today!! two days before Thanksgiving!!) Alan gave me a heart attack when he said the ovens may not be in then. He was only kidding, it's the refrigerator that may come in a few days later. That's OK as we still have the old one. 

We've determined we can't expand the back window on the right side as there is a 4x4 post there that supports a load bearing beam in the attic. But we can expand to the left of the window, which we'll do, if just for the additional light it will let into a dark room.

Allie thinks the old window is just fine. And yes, I do have the windows open even though it's 60 degrees.

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Lisa magicsprinkles said...

Paint is good. Dry paint is even better. Good luck with the rest of the renno!