Thursday, March 12, 2009

CEiMB - Fish Tacos with Chipotle Cream

On a day following many days on which I ate not the right things in excessive quantities, I made these...

I usually approach Ellie's recipes with a healthy dose of skepticism. I mean, the ingredients don't always read like greatness on a plate. But the magic of her recipes is the result is always better than the sum of the parts. 

Add these fish tacos to the list of the recipes that made my mouth dance when I took the first bite. 

Let me back up and start again.

This week's Craving Ellie in My Belly recipe is Fish Tacos with Chipotle Cream. It was chosen by one of my favorite bloggers, Sara at imafoodblog. I had almost made this on several occasions, and truth be told, it was on the short list when I picked a few weeks back. I only needed to buy corn tortillas, shredded cabbage and a new bunch of cilantro (but I do that every week pretty much). I had corn and two halibut filets left in the freezer. Sweet!

I defrosted the halibut and was almost ready to pour the marinade over it when M. came in from the gym and announced we were going to Santa Cruz for lunch. The fish and marinade went back into the fridge. We went to the Crow's Nest and sat outside. Here's the view (I didn't bring the camera so this is from their was clear and sunnier when we were there):

It was the first warm, sunny, blue sky day in a while so we put the fish tacos on hold.

The next day, I decided that this non-stop diet of chocolate covered pecans and Nutella truffles needed a healthy interlude. The antidote: fish tacos. Not just any fish tacos, but healthy fish tacos. With chipotle cream.

Ellie calls for grilling the fish fillets, but the grill is stuck behind the construction detritus in the garage, so I pan sauteed them in olive oil. I warmed the corn tortillas in a non-stick skillet, and dumped everything on these and rushed outside to take a NATURAL LIGHT PHOTO. Isn't this beautiful?

I like how the fish is juicy but well-browned, the big pile of cilantro, the random kernels of corn, the shards of cabbage...err, where's the cabbage? Run back in the house, toss some cabbage on it and presto, the photo at the top of the post. I like this one better since it showcases how awesome the fish turned out. Allie watched while I took photos:

Since I already told you it made my mouth dance, let me caution you to temper the amount of chipotle you use if you don't like spicy food. We like spicy, so it's all good, but you may find the level of heat to be too much. 

This recipe will move into my regular rotation. It was easy, tasty and healthy. I celebrated by eating two truffles. 

Check out what the other CEiMB members did this week here. You can find the recipe on Sara's blog or on the Food Network website. And by all means, take a look at the book. It's jam packed with healthy choices that are delicious!


Anonymous said...

My husband used the word juicy to describe the dish as well. It was definitely good. Like the natural light pic.

Sara said...

They look so pretty on that plate in the natural light. I am jealous of your great CA weather! I am so glad you liked the tacos, thanks for cooking them with me this week and for the nice comments :)

Aggie said...

Chipotle is so spicy...but I love it! :)

This was such a great light recipe, loved it. I wish I was on that beach!

Jen said...

I had never had a fish taco before, but I found these to be very good! I really liked the chipotle sauce, but boy was it spicy!!!

yamalam said...

That's funny, my cat was also watching me very closely for stray fish bits while I cooked last night. I should've taken a picture. Did your cat get any leftovers?

Pamela said...

So, 2 truffles up, right? ;o) Sounds like you liked it. We will definitely be making these again.