Tuesday, December 9, 2008

You call this progress??

Well, yes.

Even though I won't have any use of the kitchen this week, starting on the tile backsplash is a big step forward. In my (simple) mind, this was a one day process. I mean, that's what they show on home improvement shows so it must be real! 

Yesterday was the prep day, which rendered the kitchen all but unusable. I hope it will all be done by Thursday, and maybe we can get the electrician back on Friday. 


Liliana said...

Your kitchen looks wonderful! We had our kitchen renovation last year. For two months we lived in the basement - cooking on a portable burner and washing dishes in the laundry room. But it was worth it!

Enjoy your new kitchen!

27Susans said...

Your kitchen brings back memories of our 2 month remodel project that turned into 4 months. The workers accidentally unplugged the frig that we'd moved into the hall and someone walked through our house on our newly stained and wet floors - we came home from a trip to a disaster.