Tuesday, December 2, 2008

No TWD again this week

I'm so bummed! I went to the mall on Sunday looking for a cookie cutter to make this week'sTuesdays with Dorie recipe (Linzer Sables), but they didn't have an appropriate cutter at Williams-Sonoma (I know, I was shocked, too!) So I ordered mine from Amazon. They arrived today, but the kitchen is totally off limits while they refinish the floor. I was so primed to make them with the chocolate option Dorie gave. I've been checking out what the other bakers did, and I urge you to do the same. I hope to be back with the other TWD bakers in the next two weeks.


AmyRuth said...

I just had to tell you how when I saw this photo I just saw a great big RED BOW and twinkly lights saying Merry Christmas to the best Baker ever!!! So excited about your new kitchen!! See ya next week

Peggy said...

Your new kitchen is fabuloso! We'll look for your return with some fabuloso cookies to blog about, right?