Sunday, December 7, 2008

Are we there yet?

I think I have been extra patient during this kitchen adventure. I haven't asked (much) when we would be done. I've tried to take microwaving and washing dishes in the bathroom sink in stride. I've taken up dusting as a hobby. After all, it hasn't even been two months we've been under construction, and with all the problems we found (and had to correct), it's not a long time in the realm of kitchen renovations.

As every new element is introduced, I have to readjust my impressions of the suitability of that choice. I loved the cabinets, adjusted quickly to (i.e., quickly loved) the granite, loved the ovens and cooktop (and am adjusting to the refrigerator), was uncertain about (but now love) the cabinet hardware. This week the tile backsplash will be installed. It's the single most anticipated element and it should tie everything together. If it doesn't, it will be a huge disappointment for me. 

I actually toyed with ditching it and just having the backsplash painted. The other elements look great together (I think), and I really am scared it won't "work" together. But I realized these doubts are my fears that my "vision" isn't good. That could be true, but I don't think it is. So we'll forge on with backsplash tile and I'll either love it immediately or I'll learn to. We'll also finish the electrical this week, and that should complete all but the punch list items (like the leak under the sink). I've started moving some things into the cabinets, and tonight I baked cookies. It feels glaring defects, no regrets, nothing missing. As long as you overlook the wires coming out of the wall, the bare dry wall, the empty hole that will house the microwave, the missing crown molding....

Almost there!

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