Saturday, October 30, 2010

CwF - Molten Chocolate Orange Madeleines

What? That wasn't the recipe we were supposed to make? Oops.

Julie of A Little Bit of Everything is our fearless leader for Chocolate with Francois. Julie selected chocolate honey madeleines for the group to make this month. It's an easy recipe for us, given that the group has conquered multi-step, multi-day recipes of late. Even easier, the batter is made and rested for up to three days in the fridge before baking. I made these pre-vacation, when I was working tons and feeling stressed. That's my excuse for my seeming disregard of the recipe.

When the recipe said to add the grated zest of half an orange, I figured more was better. When Payard said that you would use two madeleine pans, and get 24 madeleines, I looked at my single madeleine pan and thought "I can put the rest in a mini muffin pan" and then promptly forgot there would be a "rest" to do that with. Instead, I overfilled 19 of the molds, ran out of batter and figured I was good to go. Big mistake. Although my madeleines rose nicely, no matter how many minutes extra I baked them, they never cooked on the inside.

As nice as a molten chocolate cake can be, it's not a good concept for madeleines. These were still good, and the smaller, less gooey ones were delicious, with a nice punch of orange and a very subtle tang of honey.

If you'd like the recipe, and promise to follow the instructions, Julie will have it for you here. And thanks, Julie, for picking something easy and fun!


Susan: My Food Obsession said...

LOL! I have baking days like this sometimes... afterwards I think "What was I doing?!?" my mind just seemed to be somewhere else :P

Anonymous said...

It sounds like a good flavor combo. I swear if I don't write myself a note to do something (like cut a recipe in half or only use half the batter), it doesn't happen.

Joanne said...

Sometimes F.Payards recipe work and sometimes they don't. Oh well. Mine turned out pretty good but I won't post until Monday (due to the Yoga Giveaway).
Sometimes it just doesn't matter if they are "molten lava", dry as a bone, or just plain ugly, as long as they taste good.

Susan said...

Oh Leslie! I hate to admit it, but I laughed out loud when I saw the first picture and read your first sentence!

I did use a mini muffin pan, not having a madeleine, and only baked half the recipe. Mine turned out great and I loved the combination of orange and chocolate.

Better luck next time. <3 :)

Julie said...

Haven't we all had these kinds of baking experiences? Especially when we are busy and stressed! Interesting you could taste the honey. I was wishing I could but didn't.

Thanks for baking with me this month!!!!!!!!

Shandy said...

I can so relate with you. Seems like my whole last week has been forgetting a step or misplacing something. The chocolate looks so shiny and yummy in the madeleinne pans. The one you said you ate sounds like the recipe is worth me wanting to try them too. I believe I have the cookbook.

El said...

How can anything with melted chocolate be bad?

spike. said...

molten madeleines sound pretty marvelous, even if that isn't what you had intended!

Damaris @Kitchen Corners said...

I don't really believe you. I bet these tastes wonderful, look at that gooey chocolate. You just don't want to share. Admit it :)

I'm so glad I found your blog. Hell-o donut next post down. Yum.

Mimi said...

The lessons we learn in the kitchen! I like the idea of molten madeleines.

Sweet and Savory said...

Orange and chocolate are a great combination. You did say, they were delicious.

The question, I won't ask, is if I should give them a try. Smiling at ya.