Thursday, March 25, 2010

CEiMB - Pasta Puttanesca

Oh man, I completely forgot to post this last week! Since I'm working a ton of hours and there's no way I'll be able to make this week's pick (Chicken and Grape Skewers, hosted by Elina of Healthy and Sane), I'm posting it today instead.

Pasta puttanesca is one of those go-to dishes that come together in minutes and taste really good. I added a can of garbanzo beans for extra protein and doubled up on the garlic. We love garlic. While it was good, I think I'd use crushed tomatoes next time instead of the diced tomatoes the recipe calls for. I think it would make it a little saucier. I'd also add some minced sun dried tomatoes to amp up the tomato flavor.

This recipe was picked by Jen of What Jen's Cooking. Thanks for picking this one! I really needed a quick dinner and this was perfect! If you'd like the recipe, Jen has it or you can find it here.


Mimi said...

It looks delicious. I usually use crushed tomatoes instead of diced in pasta sauces because my kids don't like tomato "chunks" in their sauce.

Sweet and Savory said...

I am not cooking for any of my "clubs" because of the holidays and I do feel like I am missing out. On the other hand, I am starting to post what I am making and I love what I am eating.

Who said, you can have it all? Not true.

Your food always looks good.

TeaLady said...

This WAS really easy. Crushed tomatoes sounds like a good idea. the only thing I didn't like was the little pieces of tomato.

And EXTRA garlic. Genius!!

Tracey said...

I love a simple pasta dish - this one sounds great! Glad you got a chance to post it!

Diana's Cocina said...

This looks and sounds delish! Something i would like to keep in the frig. for the summer.

Elina said...

The pasta looks great! Sorry you didn't have a chance to try the recipe I picked. It was delicious. Maybe another time :)