Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Brown Butter Toffee Blondies

Sitting at my desk at work the other day, my mind suddenly seized on a single thought.

Now, if you stop by here from time to time, you know the Lethally Delicious kitchen is stocked to the ceiling with chocolate. But this craving wasn't for a deep, dark fudgy brownie. It was for its paler, less appreciated cousin.


Thanks to the magic of the Internet, I found Martha Stewart's brown butter blondies. Brown butter has made several appearances in this space, namely these cookies (make them soon), this cake, these other blondies and oh yes, these cookies. I didn't have toffee bits but I recently saw Nancy substitute Skor bars for toffee chips in these blondies. I keep a stash of Skor bars in the pantry as I make these cookies from time to time. I used dark brown sugar as I was going for caramel notes.

These were easy to put together (a good thing as Martha would say, since I didn't start them until 9 PM). I went with a parchment sling instead of lining the bottom of the pan with parchment. Mine baked up in 40 minutes at 350. I cut one after it had cooled for 15 minutes, and it was good but not great. The walnuts seemed very bitter and the blondies were very gooey inside, even though they had tested done. Greatness was achieved after the blondies had cooled overnight. Their texture was chewy and moist without seeming undercooked and the walnuts were less assertive. I took some to work and they got rave reviews.

If you'd like to indulge yourself in these delicious blondies, you can find the recipe here.


Julie said...

I love Blondies and toffee. These are a must bake.

Di said...

Those sound really yummy. I love browned butter. I already have a blondie recipe I love; I'll have to try browning the butter next time. =)

Mimi said...

Your blondies look great. Brown butter adds such delicious flavor to baked goods.

Tracey said...

I don't make blondies enough - they are definitely underappreciated! These sound really yummy (minus the walnuts) :)

AmyRuth said...

Maybe I missed it but did you toast your walnuts before adding in? I don't know if it matters I just have this weirdness about nuts and like to to toast mine. Either way, in the end or the next day rather, you have a yummy treat. I should add those to my repetoire. What no chocolate? hehe

Kayte said...

I had never even heard of a blondie before you all started talking about them. These look good...and no chocolate in them, right?