Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ina's Gruyere Cheese Souffle and Ellie's Easy Chicken Mushroom Quesadillas

This week, the Barefoot Bloggers are making Ina's blue cheese souffle, chosen by Summer of Sexy Apartment, and I owe her big time. This was my first time making a souffle. I messed it up every way I could, and it still turned out great:

1. I substituted gruyere for the blue cheese, adding about 1/3 more gruyere than the recipe called for.
2. I used 1% milk instead of whole milk.
3. I used pre-grated parmesan from Trader Joe's.
4. When I separated my eggs, a whisper of yolk got in the egg whites. They still whipped up fine.
5. I used large eggs instead of extra large, and used all the yolks and whites.
6. My attempt to draw a circle around the edge before baking was unsuccessful, but it still rose and the cracking didn't bother me.

I've heard before that souffles are not difficult, but I never believed it. Now that I've made Ina's, I'm a believer. The best part was the toasty crust, but it was all good. This was even terrific for breakfast the next day (the crust was less crusty, but no less delicious).

If you'd like to conquer your fear of souffles, you'll find the recipe here. Many thanks to Summer for picking this recipe, and to the commenters on the Musings on Barefoot Bloggers who suggested gruyere for those of us who weren't feeling the blue cheese.


I always love the irony of Barefoot Bloggers posting on the same day as Craving Ellie in My Belly. I've never seen Ellie Krieger unwrap four sticks of butter on any of her shows. This week, Marthe of Culinary Delights chose our recipe, Easy Chicken Mushroom Quesadillas. This recipe came together so quickly, and the filling for the quesadillas was delicious. This was a fast and delicious weeknight meal. I only wish I'd had some guacamole to go along with it!

If you'd like to give these a try, you'll find the recipe here. Thanks, Marthe, for such a super pick!


spike. said...

I love that you used gruyere! Congrats on your first souffle

Peggy said...

Hey girl - I'm late posting on the biscuits, late making the quesadillas and the souffle. I'm just late for everything this week it seems! I was scared of the souffle and i don't like blue cheese, so glad to hear gruyere works in this. I'm going to try and make this in the next day or so. Yours look great - ALL of it!

Imafoodblog said...

Both look great, and the irony in these posts are always entertaining. :)

Nina said...

Your souffle looks wonderful--terrific that you used the gruyere!

Melissa said...

Oh man, I love cheese souffles! I'm hungry just looking at those, mmmmmm.

margot said...

Perfect souffle, great job! I think the extra 1/3 cheese could only make it better.

I just bought some healthy tortillas for another recipe (an Ina recipe, actually), so maybe I'll make quesadillas with the leftovers.

Marthe said...

Loved the quesadillas! Thanks for cooking with me this week!

The soufle looks really good, I find soufle to be intimidating.... Have never tried to make one!

Anonymous said...

The quesadillas were my second week in the Ellie group - and you are right these were super easy and would be even better with some guac.

Kayte said...

Love Ina's recipes...the souffle is so good, and I am with you on the choice of cheese, you can't beat it! Your photos of your souffle look beautiful.

We loved the Quesadillas as well, so simple, quick, and so filling! Yours look wonderful!

Pamela said...

Sweet! That cheese souffle looks fantastic. I loved the quesadillas, so easy and satisfying.