Saturday, June 26, 2010

Triscuit Home Farming

The weather across the nation has been hot. Hot, hot, hot. Most of us have planted our gardens or resigned ourselves to starting a garden next year, yes, definitely next year.

I love to garden. Since I live in San Jose where lot sizes are tiny, having as large a garden as I want is impossible. Way back when, before I met M., I used to have a large plot at a community garden, and I raised countless varieties of tomatoes, peppers, onions, etc. After a couple of years I gave up the community garden and satisfied myself with planting a few tomatoes in our back yard. They're tucked in between the roses and a lemon tree. I really don't have anywhere else to put them!

When Triscuit contacted me about their home farming program, I was intrigued. It works like this: When you buy a box of Triscuits, a packet of herb seeds is included in the package. After soaking the seeds for a couple of hours, you separate the two layers of cardboard and plant the cardboard (which has the seeds affixed) in an 8" pot. Cover with some soil, and water it regularly. The seeds should sprout in 10 days or so. The nice people at Kraft sent me two boxes of Triscuits so I could try it out. And they also gave me a gift card for $20 for supplies.

It's too early for my seeds to have sprouted as I only planted them last Sunday, but I'm jazzed to spread the word about this fun program. Triscuit has a website dedicated to the program which you can find here. They have gardening experts (Paul James!), a forum to learn more about home farming and a community forum to share your questions and experiences with growing your own herbs and vegetables. This aligns so well with the increased attention that childhood obesity is finally receiving. Children who learn how to garden and grow their own vegetables are less like to fill up on junk food and empty calories, and far more likely to want to try vegetables, which is half the battle.

Thanks, Triscuit, for inviting me to sample this fun gardening project. I can't wait to cook with the dill and basil I planted.


Anonymous said...

What a neat idea! I like growing herbs because they're easy and don't take a lot of space - and they come in very handy for cooking!

Cakelaw said...

This sounds like fun - I would love to have any kind of garden.

Mimi said...

What a fun surprise from Triscuits. Nothing better than making dinner from what is growing in your garden.