Saturday, June 20, 2009

CSA - An Update

My one week CSA challenge is half over and I still have a LOT of veggies left. Here are a couple of the things I've made with this week's fruit and veggies:

Roasted sweet potatoes, carrots, squash, garlic and new potatoes (toss veggies with olive oil, season with salt and pepper and roast in a 500 degree oven until nicely roasted):

Mmmm.... Love roasted vegetables. I've eaten these vegetables with my leftover jambalaya and in salads. Speaking of...

Salad with roasted veggies and turkey with an orange:

I dressed this salad with vinegar and olive oil plus some of the fresh Maille dijon mustard I got when we were on vacation.

I've made a few salads, had cereal and muesli with the golden raspberries (which were amazingly sweet) and strawberries, eaten the oranges for snacks and had a few smoothies with the Swiss chard and spinach.

Here's what I have left:

Eggs (not for long! time to start baking!)
Yellow globe squash
Sweet potatoes
Green glove squash
Broccoli (a lot!)
Carrots (a lot!)
Lettuce (half a head)

Part of the problem is I'm alone this week, and I already had leftovers and loads of fruit. I hope to finish the broccoli, spinach, lettuce and carrots before Tuesday. Meanwhile, I'm already itching to know what will be in the CSA box next week, and whether I'll be through with enough of this week's to justify ordering it.


Pamela said...

Wow! I thought we got a ton in our CSA box, but you really got a ton of stuff!! Enjoy it. The roasted veggies look fabulous.

Jessica said...

Good luck! I love the idea of a CSA box but I can hardly finish what I pick up at the farmer's market from week to week so I can't go there with CSA. Maybe someday though. The roasted veggies look really delicious.

Anonymous said...

Your roasted veggies look delicious. Have fun using the rest!

Flourchild said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes! Your food looks scrumptious!!

Craving Ellie in My Belly said...

I'm jealous of your CSA box.

The farmer that sells me my eggs/raw milk/meats just started putting some together and they look awesome. I ended up buying 2 heads of lettuce (on red butter, one romaine) that were unbelievably good last weekend.